Street cleaning services Mechanical sweeping Public institutions Educational institutions Government institutions Garbage removal services Branch removal services Pressure washing Street furniture renewal Graffiti removal

Providing a variety of services to the departments of sanitation, public health, and environmental quality in municipal authorities

About us

Zach Or Sanitation Services Ltd. was founded in 1994 by David Zlait.

Over the years, the company has advanced and specialized in providing various services to the departments of sanitation, public health, and environmental quality in municipal authorities.

The company is a franchisee of the Local Government Economic Services Company.

Our customers

Roy zalait


Zach Or company is committed to providing professional, high-quality, and reliable service to its customers, adhering to laws, teams, and human power regulations while continuously training them. The company will operate at all costs to meet customer requirements and expectations while continuously improving in all areas of its activity

  1. Street cleaning services

  2. Mechanical sweeping
  4. Public institutions
  6. Educational institutions

  7. Government institutions

  8. Garbage removal services

  9. Branch removal services

  10. Pressure washing

  11. Street furniture renewal

  12. Graffiti removal
  1. Rehovot Municipality
  2. Ra’anana Municipality
  3. Weizmann Institute of Science
  4. Aerospace industry
  5. Defense industry
  6. Caesarea and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority
  7. Ramat Gan Safari
  8. The Biological Research Institute
  9. Tirat Carmel
  10. Kokhav Ya’ir

Zach Or Company has all the necessary licenses, approvals, and quality control required for providing cleaning services such as:

ISO 9001:2015, SI 10000:2013 Social Responsibility, a license to operate as a service contractor from the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, and membership in the Cleaning Companies Organization in Israel.

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