Krav Maga Workshop

For women and girls

Come learn how to defend yourself and strengthen your mental and physical resilience in a special, life-changing workshop that will give you the knowledge and skills needed for effective and professional self-defense

The workshop is specially tailored for you

The workshop is also intended for women and girls from the religious sector, and takes into account your needs and values

The workshop is conducted with a combination of female instructors and without contact

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About the workshop

In the workshop, you will learn easy and efficient self-defense techniques, as well as tools for strengthening mental resilience and using the brain and technique

Syllabus: The self-defense workshop for women and girls includes the following topics:

1. Identification and Learning of Vulnerable Points in the Human Body: Learn to identify and target the weak points in an attacker’s body for effective self-defense.

2. Learning Correct Posture and Stance (Combat Stance): Understand the importance of maintaining a proper stance during a confrontation to maximize your defensive capabilities.

3. Learning Basic Exercises on Land (In the Air): Practice basic self-defense moves and techniques in a controlled environment.

4. Practicing Basic Exercises on Punching Bags / Target: Apply the techniques learned on punching bags or targets to simulate real-life situations.

5. Learning Knife Neutralization Exercises – Upper / Lower Body: Learn specific techniques to disarm an attacker wielding a knife, focusing on both the upper and lower body movements.

6. Pair Practice of Knife Neutralization Exercises: Practice the knife disarming techniques with a partner to understand their practical application.

7. Learning Proper Nutrition and How to Maintain it Over Time: Understand the role of nutrition in maintaining physical strength and endurance, crucial for self-defense.

8. Learning Evasion Exercises and Neutralization of Various Strangulations and Pair Practice: Learn and practice techniques to evade and neutralize strangulation attempts, one of the common attacks on women.

9. Learning Combination and Adaptation of Exercises to Various Situations: Learn to adapt and apply the learned techniques to various real-life situations for effective self-defense.

10. Working on Agility and Coordination in Various Exercises: Improve your agility and coordination through various exercises, enhancing your overall self-defense capability.

11. Simulation of Situations and Proper Use of Exercises in Pairs: Participate in simulated scenarios to understand the practical application of the techniques learned and how to use them effectively in real-life situations.

12. Proper Use of Pepper Spray (Tear Gas) and Other Defense Means: Learn the correct use of self-defense tools like pepper spray, and understand when and how to use them effectively.

13. Group and Individual Summary: Reflect on the learnings from the workshop, both at an individual level and as a group.

14. Distribution of Certificates and Defense Command (Gift for Completing the Workshop): Celebrate the completion of the workshop with the distribution of certificates and a special gift.

Workshop Values

Close Combat for Women and Girls – Strength and Resilience in Body and Mind

Do you dream of being confident and strong? To cope with threats and violence? To maintain and preserve proper nutrition?

Have you ever thought about discovering your potential and turning it into reality?

If so, don’t miss our workshop That will teach you to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Using easy and efficient techniques That are suitable for everyone and every situation

In the workshop, you will also receive tools to strengthen mental resilience And you will learn how to use your brain and technique And not just strength and aggressiveness

Close combat for women and girls is a special and life-changing workshop That will give you the knowledge and skills required For effective and professional self-defense

So don’t wait any longer, sign up today And become part of the powerful and wonderful community of strong women in Israel!

Who is the workshop intended for?

The workshop is suitable for everyone and every situation, and its purpose is to empower the woman and teach her to use her advantages over the male gender to defend herself and her loved ones.

Trainees Testify

Mandatory Workshop!
My daughter and I arrived completely different, a 15-year-old girl who likes to spend the evening with friends. The feeling is amazing to be with all the knowledge and experience in women’s self-defense. Thank you very much, Ronen!!
How have we not done this until now?
A number of friends and I arrived for a trial meeting and it was clear to all of us that this is a mandatory workshop and our responsibility to learn to defend our children by ourselves. The resilience it gave me is worth everything
The resilience it gave me is worth everything
After all the psychological treatments I tried - ultimately the mental strengthening, confidence, and balance that this workshop provides made all the real change in my life!! You are unmatched, RG.
Life-Changing Workshop
After I tried it for the first time, I felt obligated to sign up all my children, including my husband, for a tailored self-defense workshop. It’s one of the smartest things I’ve done lately, especially given the current state of the country

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