Yardena Ovadia

CEO & Owner

The company is active today in many countries, both in Africa and in Europe, and in partnership with the countries’ governments, financial bodies and international banks. It is planning, initiating and constructing additional hospitals, as well as national projects.



La Paz Malabo
La Paz Bata
Oncological Center
Guadeloupe Mongomo
La Paz Oyala
Military Hospital

Yardena Ovadia was born in Meknes, Morocco, to a well-known and respected Jewish family that immigrated to Israel at the end of the 1950s.


עיצוב ללא שם (43)


IMS – which is owned by Mrs. Ovadia – specializes in entrepreneurship, construction, maintenance, operating and management of hospitals, as well as complex projects of transportation infrastructure, communications, energy, water and agriculture. 

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IMS employs hundreds of medical teams, in many and various positions – professors, senior physicians and specialists, nurses, midwifes, paramedics and emergency medicine personnel, radiologists, X-ray technicians, maintenance personnel and more.

our first and foremost promise from all our actions lies with the human factor – saving lives and improving the quality of life.

IMS specializes in creating life-saving projects in Africa. IMS has accumulated experience in a wide variety of fields, starting with engineering challenges and complex construction, and up to human resources and elaborate logistic scenarios.

Mrs. Ovadia’s work on the African continent.

The President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who immediately recognized the ability, connections and the significant potential that lay in bringing knowledge, human resources and Israeli technology to the African continent in general, and to his country in particular.

He allowed Mrs. Ovadia to establish two magnificent hospitals. The first one was built in the city of Bata in 2007, in cooperation with the Sheba Medical Center in Israel. The hospital has 137 beds and employs dozens of Israeli medical staff.

The second hospital is located in the capital city Malabo, and it has 160 beds. It opened its doors in 2011 and it too employs dozens of Israeli doctors.

Yardena Ovadia quickly became one of the best-known and respected women on the African continent and in the whole world, and has won many prizes for her work for the African population. Mrs. Ovadia manages, among other things, many philanthropic projects, in the fields of community health, making medical services available, life-saving surgeries for children, cataract operations for adults, women’s health and child-bearing, desalination plants for villages, availability of emergency medical services, orphanages, old-age homes and more, in many and various fields.

In addition, Mrs. Ovadia has initiated and managed defensive projects.

Yardena Ovadia, with her own two hands, has built an empire.

Thanks to her determination, diligence, perseverance, identification and successful utilization of one-time opportunities.

There are very few Israeli companies that have also succeeded outside the borders of the country, who owe their success to one individual person.

What the young girl from Dimona (a development town in the desert did should be taught in university classes in Economics and Business Management.

Yardena Ovadia, with her own two hands, built an empire – thanks to her determination, perseverance, 

identification and successful utilization of one-time opportunities.

Yardena constitutes an example and a role model to many citizens of Israel and the countries in which she is active, and the story of her life and success have become an object of admiration and learning.

IMS, the company that she founded, has succeeded where others failed, and not only because she saw a blessing in her work, but she also supplies work for many Israelis abroad.

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